An Infusion of New Thoughts

So today I decided to remove a couple of Edtech blogs from my Google Reader and add a couple of new blogs.  I have followed some of the same bloggers for quite awhile now, and thought it might be time to mix it up a bit and get some new perspectives.

So far I have added:

Katie in Monterrey – Katie is one of the Spanish teachers on my campus and this summer she and her husband (and two small children) are in Monterrey, Mexico, for about a month.  They are “chaperoning” a group of Katie’s AP Spanish students who have the opportunity to study at a university there.  So, if you would like to follow their journey as well, then take a look!

School-of-Thought – This blog is written by Fred Deutsh who happens to be a school board member in South Dakota.  Mr. Deutsh contacted me via e-mail awhile back to tell me about his blog, and I was quite impressed with the information he writes about (and the fact that a school board member is blogging).  I was sort of beginning my blogging funk when he contacted me, so I did not add him to my aggregator at the time, but I put his blog in there today!

Ed Tech Journeys – I have come across this blog before and am not sure why I did not save the feed, but I was SOLD when I read this post.

So far, those are the blogs I have added.  I would love some suggestions!  Anyone have any educational blogs they can’t live without?  Let me know.

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