NECC 2008 – Day One – Session Three

Well, I made the trek to my third session (I still haven’t found anything for lunch)… and my battery is running seriously low on the laptop, so I may not make notes for the entire day.  Hopefully I will have time to recharge a bit at some point.

Session Three: Academy School@44 A Laptop Program to Re-engage Underachievers

  • School located in Buffalo, New York – they have a one-to-one program for underachieving students
  • Grades 7-12 over-aged underachievers
  • Focus on the needs of at-risk youth
  • Non-traditional program
  • How do you build connections between ideas?
  • Not just having technology available but looking for the ways that extend learning.
  • How do you blend standards with ways to engage students?  Content vs. projects
  • Professional development training and support is key to being effective (pedagogically heavy)
  • Main Center for Meaningful Engaged Learning
  • McMel Resources Wiki
  • Model on which the Academy school is based
  • Examples of student projects which are “real-world based” and provide authentic feedback
  • Working on creating an Academic Progression program based on credits earned and standards learned not courses taken
  • Role of laptops – “laptops are the core piece of the pedagogical system,” one computer per student (can’t take them home), ubiquitous access, in-house tech support
  • Online text used
  • Use Teenbiz for differentiation
  • Use ProjectFoundry to assist with project-based learning – looks like a pretty useful source
  • “How many of you when you catch students passing notes take away their paper and pen? How many of you when you catch students chatting take away their laptop?”
  • “When kids are participating in engaged learning, they view the laptop as a tool and take care of it.”

Not sure if these notes will make sense to anyone but me.  The speaker was rather quick with his presentation and much of the info was difficult to take “notes” over.  Interesting session to learn about how other schools are implementing one-to-one programs.

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