NECC 2008 – Day Two – Session One

Today is the second full-day of NECC activities. The first session of the day didn’t start until 11:00 and I slept in… apparently there was a keynote speech this morning, but I missed it.

Session One: Marzano and Web 2.0: Ed Tech That Works

  • Session being live streamed to teachers in Arlington, Virginia
  • Web 2.0 That Works Wiki
  • Ning Forum for Marzano and Web 2.0
  • Web 2.0 That Works Google Presentation
  • Ustream of session
  • Teachers hear “tech speak” and feel overwhelmed; we need to get teachers understand the need for what we would like them to do
  • Lot of resistance out there
  • How is your school or district preparing teachers for web 2.0?  Are they talking about the tools or pedagogy?
  • Why are teachers resisting change?
  • Early adopters and Innovators – give them space to play
  • Early and Late Majority – mean well but feel overwhelmed and overworked
  • Laggards – May never adopt tech; feel no need to learn
  • Classroom Instruction That Works – Nine effective strategies
  • Coaching – Model the use of tools yourself, speak THEIR language, how can Web 2.0 help them?, provide on-going, embedded and one-to-one support (keychain), make learning bite-sized
  • Idea from Kevin Honeycutt – The Keychain – laminated cards  – front side has name of tool and backside has an “expert” who can help with that tool
  • Typical characteristics of web 2.0 – tagging, RSS feeds, mashups, web tools, user-generated content
  • Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works – recommends the book

I enjoyed this session and the focus on pedagogy not just tools.  I may post further reflections on this session later…

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