NECC 2008 – Day Two – Session Three

It is that time of the day… I am starting to get REALLY hungry (despite the snacks I brought with me) and a little tired, so this may be my last session today… we will see.

First two sessions of the day were good, so the pressure is on!

Session Three: School 2.0: Combining Progressive Pedagogy and 21st Century Skills

  • Wesley Fryer’s UStream of presentation
  • Session Wiki
  • Principal of Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia (one-to-one campus)
  • What is the purpose of school?
  • We work best and learn best when it matters to us – help students understand what matters to them
  • Necessary tenets of school – create caring institutions, student-centered (it is about the students), inquiry driven (what are the questions we can ask together?), passionate, meta-cognitive, technology infused, understanding driven and project-based
  • “Technology needs to be ubiquitous, necessary and invisible”
  • You should do projects to demonstrate understanding… it is a means to an end
  • Technology overload – New tools are developed everyday… how do you do it?  What is good is better than what is new.
  • What is the best collaborative tech tool? The best tool is the one we decide to use together
  • Technology has to do five things in the classroom – research, collaborate, create, network and present
  • Tools don’t teach but they do change the way we teach
  • What are the tools to get you to your goals?
  • Understanding by Design – central to professional development
  • Common language among staff and students – transparent learning
  • Overview of UBD  – can be found on handout on wiki
  • How do you assess at the end of a unit? Project-based learning is the authentic “product” the kids produce… not a test
  • Authentic assessment isn’t just an end game… it is on-going
  • Great lesson samples on wiki… looked at Their Eyes Were Watching God Unit and Chemicals in the Environment
  • Part of staff development – discuss with teachers about how writing looks in different subjects
  • SLA student showcase

I will definitely have to think about this session a little more and post some reflections… big fan of the session.  My notes do not do the session justice, so make sure and watch the UStream of the presentation.

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