NECC 2008 – Day Two – Session Two

My first session was very good, so hopefully that will set the precedent for the day!

Session Two: Technology and Educational Change: A World Perspective

  • Panel representative of educators from around the world (Qatar, Middle Eastern Countries, Canada, Australia)
  • Julie Lindsay from Qatar – from Australia originally but worked around the world in the last ten years
  • Taught last five years within in the International Baccalaureate program at Qatar Academy
  • IBO is embracing on-line learning
  • One of IBOs initiatives – Global Lessons –
  • Qatar is an amazing place to be at the moment – moving quickly into 21st century living and learning
  • Qatar’s goal is to become a knowledge-based society
  • A Muslim country so there is a fair amount of filtering (one Internet provider is government owned)
  • E-Schoolbag is an initiative where they are rolling our tablet PCs to schools
  • Qatar has mobile broadband, Wi-Fi in public parks, etc.
  • Qatar Foundation drives much of the educational initiatives in Qatar
  • Qatar Academy is moving towards being a one-to-one campus
  • 21st Century Learning objectives – communicate, collaborate and create
  • Presentation can be found out –
  • Joseph Codde – professor at Michigan State University
  • Works in Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan and United Arab Emirates to assist with setting up higher-level education
  • Obstacles encountered in the Middle East with tech integration (resistance, access to pedagogically sound resources, access to Internet)
  • Set-up pilot to connect classes in US and Algeria
  • Creates teacher training models to assist teachers in teaching with technology
  • Jim Carlton and Mali Bickley in Canada
  • Technology is not the most important part of the project – it is about the students collaborating and communicating
  • Curriculum standards are similar around the world
  • Look at the project first and then plug the curriculum into it
  • Technology, connections, etc. make projects engaging for students which helps raise literacy (and test scores)
  • Used to teach the curriculum instead of teaching the kids
  • Trudy Sweeney from Australia
  • Relatively new Prime Minster moving towards getting more computers for schools and Learning Federation has been developing on-line applets for teaching
  • How are emerging technologies being used? (Blogs – being used to connect others; Wikis – working with others across the country, Podcasts – Andrew Douche creating science podcasts, Moodle – developing in Australia – national portal, Edna; Delicious and Diigo; Ning – being used for the Australian study tour)
  • Q&A
  • Where do you find projects and connections? Taking it Global
  • How do you overcome filtering and network security without harming education in the classroom? 1. Admin network kept separate from Curriculum network 2. Also have frustrations with filtering 3. Embed digital citizenship within the curriculum to get rid of the fear
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