NECC 2008 – Day Three – Session One

Session One: The Magic of Digital: Collaborative Interaction in Teacher Professional Development

  • What is K12 Online? A conference by educators for educators; entirely held on-line; 3rd year of session begins in October 2008; live event as well as pre-created; conference on-going – last two years sessions are archived; all sessions are free
  • Bud Hunt – last year’s keynote done from car and porch and done a month in advance
  • Bud’s school district put together a Moodle course that basically reviewed the K12 On-line Conference – teacher’s got professional development credit and it help spark social interactions; acted as a springboard to get discussions going
  • What are the benefits of Professional Development that is global and anytime, anywhere? We will perpetuate what we know (whether good or bad); it is good to see that educators around the world deal with the same issues
  • UStream of conference can be found on Wesley Fryer’s channel
  • Eye-opening to teachers when conference speakers were Skyped in instead of in person – we are no longer confined to the space in which we live to find experts
  • Jeff Utecht – How did the K12 affect learning on your campus? With your students? Sent e-mail to all of the international schools in Shanghai, and set up four Saturday morning viewing sessions, pot-luck get together, watched keynote for the strand and discussed and then for 1 1/2 hours participants viewed sessions of their choice, then gathered back together and discussed (podcasted and posted for all to access); also set up opportunity for people around the world to get graduate credit
  • Learning should not be “bounded by the bell” – from EducBloggerCon discussion
  • Live events – Why are live events (Fireside Chats and When Night Falls) important?  Deepens the learning and fosters discussions across the globe; get inside the minds and hearts of presenters; opportunity to talk with people with perspectives and experiences very different from our own – Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
  • K12 On-line 2007 When Night Falls Flickr photostream
  • “Sustained discussions over time change us.” – Wesley Fryer
  • What is the big deal with K12 On-line? It is all about facilitating personal connections, international/global collaborative projects – Darren Kuropatwa
  • Brian Grenier – Worked on the professional development committee; found a way to allow teachers to get professional development for participating in K12; How has K12 personally influenced you? First experience with on-line conference and first experience with blended learning; had close to 500 teachers who participated in K12 in El Paso school district
  • “None of us are as good as all of us.” – Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
  • 4 strands with 9 presentations and 1 keynote
  • Strands (Getting started, Prove it, Kicking it up a Notch, Leadership)
  • July 11th is the last day to submit a proposal for the 2008 K12 On-line Conference – presenters encourage YOU to submit a proposal
  • Sometimes is looking at the content and for others the learning is in the collaboration and connections
  • Clarence Fisher – How is the K12 conference about student learning?  Student learning often needs to start with teacher learning; had students find his presentation on-line and followed comments on the blog; students enjoyed seeing him do something that he expects them to do
  • With learning “time is now the variable and not the constant.” – Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

After this session, I am excited about the prospect of participating in the K12 On-line Conference again this year, and I hope to “see” you there as well!

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