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First Day Back with the Whole Staff

August 20, 2008

Today was the first day back with the entire staff.  We covered some basic procedures and then commenced into some staff development. Feel free to view the wiki to see what we have been up to.  We didn’t get quite as much actually staff development time this year from the district so our time for “choices” was a little limited, but I think we did okay with the planning… as always our goal is to allow teachers some activities and sessions to choose from and limit “seat time” to the bare minimum.  Because really, what is the point of staff development if your staff just feels forced in to sitting and listening to you talk while they think of all of the other stuff they need to be doing?

I spent the majority of my day creating Blackboard courses, getting teachers set up in Gradespeed, entering upcoming courses in our staff development system and assisting in sessions as needed. Tomorrow looks to be as hectic. At some point I would like to get in my office and get some stuff organized, but that may have to wait until Friday (or unfortunately Saturday).

Hopefully once things get settled I can start writing some more in-depth pieces again.  Hopefully the start of your school year is going well too!


Keeping Busy!!!

August 18, 2008

School starts in one week! I have been busy with freshmen orientation, laptop distribution, planning staff development and organizing and helping to lead our yearly Newer Teacher Staff Development. We seem to have really good group of new teachers (who are slightly overwhelmed with all of the information we are throwing at them). 🙂  I can sympathize; I remember how lost I felt my first year and I had no where near the resources and information to digest as our new teachers.

Tomorrow is our last day of Newer Teacher Training and then we jump right in with whole campus training for two days, then a work day, the weekend and the first day of school!

You can check out what the new teachers have been doing this week by viewing our wiki.  I am still working on the staff development for the whole staff but hope to have it finished tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed); I will eventually share that information with you all as well.

It is time again when educators (and probably students) feel a little overwhelmed and very busy until they can settle in to some sort of routine. I personally can’t wait for the routine to set in!