What I Think…

I came across this little activity on MJ’s blog the other day and thought it might be fun.

I decided to do two. This first one is school related.

i am: happy to be working at such a great school
i think: the TAKS test is AWFUL!
i know: I have good friends at work
i want: all of my students to be successful
i have: a rewarding career
i wish: all students took their education more seriously
i hate:falling behind in my work
i miss: teaching English (some days)
i fear: not adequately preparing my students for life after school
i feel: teachers are under appreciated
i hear: the sound of my student’s laughing
i smell: cafeteria food 😦
i crave: enough time to get things done for work and enough time to rest for me
i search: for new and better ways to learn
i wonder: where my students will be in five or ten years
i regret: not building a relationship with EVERY student
i love: seeing my students graduate
i ache: when my students make poor, life-altering choices
i care: about instilling a love of learning in students
i always: attempt to be positive with the students
i am not: some one who yells
i believe: people can turn their lives around
i dance: in my car on the way to work
i sing: in the car on the way to work
i don’t always: give as much attention to the students as I should
i fight: poor attitudes
i write: to reflect and learn
i win: when my students succeed
i lose: my keys all the time
i never: give up (at least for very long)
i confuse: myself when math is involved
i listen: when I need to
i can usually be found: on my laptop doing work
i am scared: of failing
i need: people to care
i am happy about: having a job where every day is different

And this one is just about me.

i am: getting fatter at an alarming rate (baby is due in December)
i think: I need to get some exercise
i know: I have the funniest little dog imaginable
i want: to be able to sleep through the night
i have: a nice husband
i wish: people were more thoughtful
i hate: rude people
i miss: my best friend Dana
i fear: giving birth
i feel: TIRED
i hear: the sound of Bones on the television
i smell: my dinner of Easy Mac
i crave: some of the yummy pumpkin bread Sarah made me
i search: on “the Google” when I need to find something
i wonder: why I have such a hard time with directions
i regret: not paying more attention in high school
i love: my pajamas
i ache: when my husband is away for too long
i care: about education
i always: brush my teeth before going to bed
i am not: going to age gracefully
i believe: in the power of choices
i dance: when I feel like it
i sing: off-key in the car… very LOUDLY
i don’t always: have as much patience as I should
i fight: against policies I think are wrong
i write: what I feel and what I think
i win: arguments
i lose: my temper when people are confrontational
i never: raise my voice
i confuse: myself more than others do
i listen: to music when I am working
i can usually be found: snuggled up with Little Abbey
i am scared: of losing people I love
i need: to read every night in order to get to sleep
i am happy about: where I am in my life

Feel free to participate on your blog if feel the need.

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