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I Am Back… And Some Things to Think About

February 18, 2009

I returned to work yesterday after several weeks off for maternity leave. While on leave I have been using most of my online “free time” to document little Dylan’s life, but now that I am back to work, I want to share some of the educational and “professional”  things that have been on my mind.

To begin, I have a few articles and/or blog posts I would like to share with you all. They are things that have really gotten me thinking about the direction of education.

The first is a blog post from Jeff Utecht which discusses the possible demise of the traditional educational model with the creation of the University of the People. It is a good read with some interesting ideas.

The next is an article from Campus Technology which discusses how textbooks are evolving from printed to more “Web 2.0” based. There are some great links to free online textbooks and some thought-provoking concepts.

And finally, this article from eSchools outlines how a Colorado district is reorganizing their schools from the traditional model. I would love to hear your thoughts on the ideas in this article.

With the ideas from these articles in my head, and some questions from some of my fellow staff members, I have begun to formulate a potential new plan for staff development opportunities on my campus… once I get my idea a little more organized, I will share it with you all to get some feedback.

Hopefully, I will begin posting and reflecting on a somewhat regular basis again…